Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about green living and barefootprint coaching.  If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact me - I'd love to hear from you!

What is green living?

I view green living as the sum of all decisions one makes on a daily basis to consciously choose to give back to communities and the planet.  Green living is a lifestyle choice - it's looking at the various aspects in your life and choosing the least-impact option.  Green living is also a process - it doesn't happen overnight but evolves as your knowledge grows and translates to behavioural change.

There is a lot of info on the internet, why do I need your green coaching?

That's a great question.  You are right, there is a lot of information on the internet, and in libraries, and in bookstores, and many other places.  To me, that is a really great sign that our society is taking responsibility and looking for positive changes for our communities and the planet.  When I started out my own green living journey six years ago, it was difficult to access information or source products.  It is a lot easier these days.

However, the key point is that it took me six years to sift through all the information, products, blogs out there, plus actively go on my own 'field trips' to learn and absorb as much knowledge as possible.  Every day is still a journey for me - there are new technologies, products, theories and initiatives being developed every day.

So, the benefit of Barefootprint Coaching is utilising my six years of experience, knowledge, networks, directories and toolkits to fast-track your own green-living journey.  I can help you envision and set goals you want to reach, and build a roadmap as to how to get there.  I can support you along the way and once you meet your goals, I can help you create new ones and evolve. 

Your life also changes - you might meet Mr or Mrs Right, become engaged and want an eco-friendly wedding.  You may start a family and want to learn more about green-parenting.  You might want to build a sustainable home, or switch to ethical investments.  You may wish to have advice on how to implement Corporate Social Responsibility into your business.  The opportunities are limitless, and I'm excited to go on your journey with you.

I've heard of barefoot, but why did you choose the name barefootprint?

The name started out as a joke my husband and I had when we were first dating - that we'd be happy to live in a rice field and live barefoot as long as we were together (oh, the romanticism of new love!) "Footprints" are meaningful in environmental movements - with eco-footprints and carbon-footprints being terms that are often used to measure your impact on the earth. 

My husband and I combined our private joke and an environmental term to come up with 'barefootprint' as our business name when we launched Barefootprint Outdoor Adventures, which provided environmental education to urban Filipino children who were suffering from nature deficit disorder in the big city of Manila (population, 11 million).  When I became a green-living coach, it was only natural to be a Barefootprint Coach.