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Eco options to get rid of cockroaches

by Cherie Pasion
Cherie Pasion
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on Aug 31 in Green Living 1 Comment

A friend at work just moved to Brisbane from the UK, and was distressed by the amount of cockroaches he suddenly found himself cohabiting with.  He was asking what we did to get rid of them, and here were the eco-friendly options I suggested:

1)  This is possibly a bit obvious - but clean up the kitchen, don't leave food lying around that the cockroaches can snack on during the night.  Also, try not to leave water lying around in glasses, containers or vases.

2)  Spread some bay leaves around your cupboards and pantries.  Apparently cockroaches are repelled by the smell of bay leaves.  

3)  Baking soda and sugar.  I'm not too sure how I feel about this, as it seems a bit mean, however I have heard people swear by this.  Put some baking soda and sugar into a small dish or jar lid, and right next to it, place another dish with water.  The cockroach will be attracted to the sugar and will also eat the baking soda.  Then, when it drinks some water, there is a chemical reaction in the cockroach's stomach which explodes.  Yep, it's a bit mean, so I tend not to use this method very often.

Does anyone else have a roach-ridding method (that doesn't involve nasty chemicals) that they swear by?  Feel free to share.

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Carlana Sunday, 18 November 2012 Reply

In my experience, boric acid works and it is also chemical free. There is a spray I got once on vacation on NYC, I think it is called Ant & Roach Kill or something like that, and I absolutely swear by it. Once you use this stuff you'd be shocked and a bit disgusted with all the roaches you'd sweep out but it is a chemical spray.

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