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Running soothes my soul

by Cherie Pasion
Cherie Pasion
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on Sep 15 in Healthy Living 0 Comments

I guess this is a bit of a reflective piece on how far I have come in recent months.  Tomorrow my husband Leland and I fly down to Sydney as we're competing in a half-marathon (me) and marathon (Leland) on Sunday. 

I'm absolutely pumped, and this surprises me, as I don't remember ever feeling this excited for a sporting event (that wasn't something travel related, like trekking in the Himalayas or something).

When we first decided to enter Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, it was back in April and we were living up in Cairns.  Neither of us had been running seriously for around 10 months or so, so our fitness levels were pretty much at ground zero.

I was in a really bad headspace, as I was working in a toxic work environment which had a debilitating effect.  I remember going for training runs (struggling to run 3kms) and thinking "Each step I take makes me stronger, and when my strength grows, so I will heal."

I knew that as my body improved its strength so would my mind.  I was right!

Now, several months on, I am able to go on long runs of 15km+ with no trouble.  At some point about 6 weeks ago, when I ran 20kms for the first time, my mind broke through a mental barrier, and I realised that I could do anything I set my mind to and didn’t have to settle for anything less.

Now, once the groove really kicks in (generally around the 8km mark) my mind and body work in unity and I feel alive.  I don't run with music, instead I run in the comfortable silence of my thoughts.  On Sunday, when I am running with thousands of others between two of the world's greatest icons, I'll remember how far I have come.  From a state of demoralisation to a state of absolute freedom and strength.

Thank the heavens for running, for reminding me I'm alive and can strive for anything I put my mind to.  I know that I'll make the 21.1km on Sunday.  And that next Monday I'll be signing up for a marathon.  But most importantly, I intrinsically know that when I apply myself to any task I do, it can be achieved.  And all of those lessons were learnt while pounding the pavement along the Brisbane River.

With our good friends Egg and Dee on our last race in the Philippines, June 2010.
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