Hello and welcome to Barefootprint Coaching.  

I'm Cherie Pasion.  Yes, that's right, passion is my last name.  Luckily I live up to my name, and am passionate about many things.  My biggest passion, and has been for over six years, is green living.

What is green living?

What is green living you ask?  Well, my definition is that it's the sum of all decisions one makes on a daily basis to consciously choose to give back to communities and the planet. 

Here are some examples of my daily choices when I talk about green living:

I have to eat.  Do I choose to eat processed, GMO-rich foods or do I go unprocessed, raw and organic?  Do I follow a meat-intensive diet or plant-based? 

I drink a lot of tea.  So I think about whether to drink pesticide-sprayed tea picked by women earning below the minimum wage, or whether to drink fair trade tea - organically-grown and supporting and uplifting workers.

I need to look after my skin and body.  Given that skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it, do I choose a chemical-based moisturiser or something more natural?

I need to clean my house.  Do I use toxic substances or make my own effective, natural cleaning products?  What should I use to wash my clothes - chemical-based powder or organic, fair trade soapnuts?

I go on holidays.  Do I choose to stay in a hotel that takes money out of the community to investors and has a big environmental footprint or do I stay in advanced eco-accredited lodge?  What is the least-impact mode of transport to use in my travels?

I want to invest in my future.  Do I choose to invest in companies that are known to exploit workers in developing countries, or do I go with an ethical investment portfolio?

These are just some examples, but basically, this is how I live each day.  Making a series of decisions and looking for the option that is healthiest for me, my home and my family.  But more importantly, I make sure each decision I make helps to uplift workers, communities and countries, and has the least impact on the planet as possible.

We can all be changemakers

I subscribe to the theory that as individuals, we have unlimited potential to be changemakers.  More than that, I believe that each of us are the biggest gamechangers this world has seen.  Yes, that's right - you don't need to be a world famous singer, or actor, or computer software whiz to be a gamechanger.  You can make changes in your life that will dramatically improve the world.  No one is more qualified or better able to make this change than you!

I look forward to embarking on your green coaching with you - so you too can tread the earth lightly with a barefootprint.