Welcome to Barefootprint Coaching!  My name is Cherie Pasion and I have over six years experience in green living and responsible travel advocacy.  My philosophy is "teaching" not "preaching".

Now is easier than ever to live a green life - with diverse offerings in the market for green and socially-minded options from skincare, investments, holidays and weddings. 

Let me help you navigate through the green options in the market and build a personalised roadmap to help you implement positive changes important to you, making a tangible difference to your life, your community and the planet.



Barefootprint Coaching

Would you like to know how you can live each moment of your day in a more meaningful way - and help uplift lives and help the planet?  Please visit the Green Lifestyle Coaching page.

Are you planning a wedding and want it to be eco-friendly and give back to communities on your special day?  Take a look at the Eco-friendly Wedding Coaching page.

Would you like to lessen your footprint on your travels and have a more meaningful experience? Please visit our Responsible Travel page.